Statement regarding the murder of Dr Abdulhay Munshi
Published: 18 September 2020

EthiQal Team

EthiQal is saddened to learn of the death of anaesthetist Dr Abdulhay Munshi.

There are no words to express the sorrow, horror and disbelief relating to the act of violence that has taken Dr Munshi’s life.

We at EthiQal extend our deepest condolences to Dr Munshi’s family, friends and colleagues following his passing. Our thoughts are also with all members of the medical profession for whom the circumstances of Dr Munshi’s previous arrest and subsequent murder are alarming.

We support all efforts to bring the perpetrators to justice and call upon the Department of Health and law enforcement authorities, to protect all medical doctors and health workers who dedicate their lives for the health and well-being of our nation. 

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