Welcome to The Nebula: EthiQal is powered by a new policy administration system
Published: 29 November 2021

EthiQal Team

EthiQal launched a new IT system “Nebula” in May this year. We identified the need to replace the existing IT system in 2020, with the intention that the right technology solution will support our current needs and allow for future business growth. As such, Nebula was designed to help us deliver a best-in-class service offering.

The greatest benefit of the new system is the functionality to give users the control and information they need to carry out tasks efficiently. To maximise the benefits of Nebula, the EthiQal team had to first fully utilise all its features and functions. As one can expect, changing an IT system comes with complex challenges, such as data migration. The new system also had to be thoroughly tested to ensure all necessary requirements had been met. During the transition to a new system, many were and still are patient and supportive of EthiQal, and for this we extend a sincere thank you!

Nebula will offer many benefits over the longer term for EthiQal and this will no doubt be experienced by all our clients and partners. We expect that, with the continued use of Nebula and with access to its powerful reporting capability, it will give rise to better governance, responsive client services, improved processes and overall efficiency. Currently, we are already seeing benefits such as:

  • improved client services
  • operational efficiencies, with inbuilt workflow capabilities
  • cost reductions
  • supply of metrics to stakeholders
  • growth opportunities in communication capabilities and methods

Over the subsequent months we plan to launch the next phase, which includes behind-the-scenes development of a broker and later a client portal. Our objective is to put our clients and partners in the driver’s seat of certain policy administration and new quote functionality. Most importantly, EthiQal clients and partners will be empowered to have access to relevant data, in real time.

The team have worked extremely hard this year to deliver the new system in record time. We are confident that this new system will add value to our clients and partners, and provide us with a solid foundation to support our continued growth.

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