EthiQal and Netcare partnership is an innovative first for healthcare in South Africa

In a landmark partnership between EthiQal, a division of Constantia Insurance Company Limited, and leading private healthcare provider, Netcare, specialists can reduce their medico-legal risk while also receiving a financial benefit.

Qualifying specialists who practice at Netcare facilities and use CareOn, the Group’s pioneering electronic medical record (ERM) system, to reduce their medico-legal risk, will have the opportunity to receive reduced insurance premiums and individualised support through EthiQal.

“Actively keeping doctors in practice while helping them protect their patients is at the core of what we do,” says Alex Brownlee, executive at EthiQal. “And we believe the best way to drive this is by collaborating with industry partners to provide innovative risk management solutions that reduce medico-legal risks.”

The partnership between EthiQal and Netcare is an exciting and innovative first in South Africa.

“This is another step in Netcare’s commitment to promoting, protecting, and maintaining healthcare delivery of the highest quality to our patients,” says Netcare chief executive officer, Dr Richard Friedland. “This partnership with EthiQal ensures specialists using Netcare’s CareOn benefit directly by preventing, mitigating and improving their medico-legal risk and that ultimately patients receive the best and safest care.”

“Doctors today are operating in a very different environment. If you just consider social media and telemedicine, they bring unique risks to a normal doctor-patient relationship. By using an electronic medical records system like CareOn, together with clinical support, a communication system and optimised clinical practices and processes, you can improve, prevent and mitigate medico-legal risks for specialists,” says Brownlee.

“We’re always looking for real solutions that can drive positive changes in behaviour and protect the future of medical care in our country, and this partnership with Netcare ticks all those boxes. We’re excited to play our part and bring additional innovation and protection to specialists and their patients,” says Brownlee.

The official launch of the offering to these specialists is expected during July 2022.