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About Us

EthiQal is a comprehensive Medical Indemnity solution developed for South African Medical Practitioners by Constantia Insurance Company Limited.

  • Local risk assessment based on South African private sector settlements only.
  • Specialty focused support and inputs to practice management.
  • Provision of Occurrence and Claims Made insurance cover.
  • Insurance contracts which are enforceable in terms of South African law and Regulations.

Local Insurer

60+ years of service in South Africa, A- claims rated, healthy solvency capital that exceeds FSB requirements. Part of a multibillion Rand locally listed corporation

Local Policy

South African enforceable insurance contract that meets the 6 “Treating Customers Fairly” principles .

Locally Held Capital and Reserves

Further to the premium additional Capital is allocated as reserves at 40%-50% of premium – as per Regulatory requirements of the Short Term Insurance Act.

Legal Expertise and Decision Making

An experienced cross functional team of 20+ professionals working together to provide best administration, advice and support. Local Medicolegal advisers with 30 years of SA experience.

Local Reinvestment of Returns

Premiums are held locally and investment income is fully reserved to stabilize premiums and sustainably fund claim settlements.

Locally Based International Re Insurer

20+ years of successful partnership and trusted mandates in taking on risk and the settlement of claims.