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Why choose EthiQal?

As a doctor, you care about your patients and you work hard to earn their trust and build your practice. Isn’t it time you protect your life’s work? Partner with the professional indemnity provider who cares about you.

How do I join EthiQal?

Download and complete the applicable form and email it to

EthiQal will then appoint a Personal Advisor who will contact you to assist with completion of the application process and ensure that you receive proper financial advice. As we are committed to providing you with the right cover, tailored to your specific needs and at the best price, further information may be requested. If you have previously been insured by another party, or are currently indemnified by someone else, you are encouraged to submit a documented case history from these indemnifiers at the time of application. Ask for a clinical summary of all cases to be included in such report(s).

After your application has been approved, a quotation will be issued.

On acceptance of our quotation, policy documents will be issued. Your Personal Advisor will also ask that your record of advice is signed, if not previously done. This is a regulatory requirement.

You can choose between paying your annual premiums upfront or on a monthly basis.

If you have questions please call us on 011 686 4392 or fill in your contact details and we’ll call you. We look forward to being of service to you.

General and family practitioner application form

Specialist application form

Honest and full disclosure is important for us to assess your risk accurately and to avoid unpleasant future surprises. Withholding or misrepresenting information that may be considered relevant to our decision to extend cover to you, could in future result in the rejection of any claim or the cancellation of the insurance contract.

How do you know which professional indemnity cover you need?

It is best to obtain financial advice when deciding which Professional Indemnity cover is best for you.