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Navigating a changing, uncertain healthcare environment: What are the issues?

For healthcare practitioners, the Covid-19 pandemic has created a totally different practice scenario with many doctors struggling to fulfil their primary professional obligations in a highly stressful, uncertain and constantly

Call to prioritise the well-being of healthcare workers

Johannesburg – A combination of heightened mobility across various provinces, an increase in super-spreader events, a new virus variant and a decrease in compliance with social-distancing protocols have contributed to the

Medical Professional Indemnity 101

What is medical professional indemnity? Medical professional indemnity, also known as medical malpractice insurance, provides legal and financial support to healthcare professionals where they have been negligent in their conduct

Informed consent explained

What is informed consent? Informed consent is a two-way dialogue between patient and their healthcare practitioner whereby the practitioner provides adequate information necessary to enable the patient to make an

Saluting our doctors on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic

by Alex Brownlee – Actuary and Executive Head of EthiQal  South Africa recorded its first coronavirus case in early March 2020. Roughly seven months and over 700 000 positive coronavirus cases

Doctors’ Day 2020: Celebrating our healthcare heroes

EthiQal, a division of Constantia Insurance Company Limited, has launched yet another year of its Doctor’s Day initiative and calls on all South Africans to join them in celebrating our

2020 In Review

As we near the end of 2020, I reflect on a remarkable year. What has occurred this year, has turned out to be vastly different from the expectations I had

Key Learnings from Risk Management Practice Reviews

Key Learnings from Risk Management Practice Reviews At EthiQal, we strive to provide affordable professional indemnity that is aligned with the risk posed by individual practices. We also endeavour to

Managing frontline medico-legal risks during COVID-19

Managing frontline medico-legal risks during COVID-19: from webinars to app sponsorships A year ago, COVID-19 was nothing more than some news broadcast from somewhere far away. It now continues to

Fraudulent Conduct by Patients

It is important to remember that every prescription, note, report or document your practice prepares comes with clinical, ethical, and legal responsibilities. Unfortunately, there may be occasions where a patient is

Statement regarding the murder of Dr Abdulhay Munshi

EthiQal is saddened to learn of the death of anaesthetist Dr Abdulhay Munshi. There are no words to express the sorrow, horror and disbelief relating to the act of violence

EthiQal and OHH partner to perform life-changing surgeries during Mandela Month

For a second year, professional medical indemnity provider, EthiQal, has made a financial contribution to Operation Healing Hands (OHH), a non-profit organisation that performs life-saving surgeries in the public sector.

Critical to protect our doctors and nurses during COVID-19

South Africa’s extended Coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown is merely slowing down the infection rate to allow for the urgent continued expansion of its currently inadequate treatment and life-saving capacity. It’s a

Policyholder Financial Support during COVID-19

Very few would have predicted the war the world is fighting today – the battle against sub-microscopic particles that are paralyzing healthcare systems even in the richest of places like

Business Continuity & Support – Message from our CEO

Dear Valued Client, Little did any of us anticipate less than three months ago when entering this new decade that the world would be facing the unprecedented challenges posed by

EthiQal Client Business Update

Dear Valued Client, We are pleased to introduce you to Constantia’s new Chief Executive Officer, Peter Todd, who recently took up the reins from Volker von Widdern.   Peter has held

Stemming the tide of healthcare litigation

With a burgeoning load of unwarranted patient litigation threatening to drain public and private sector resources and disrupt overall healthcare delivery, urgent measures are required to address this unintended crisis.

Patient and Practice Legal Guidelines

The relationship between the patient and the healthcare practitioner: the legalities Mastering the theory of diseases and treatment, and the technical skills to perform intricate diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, is


EthiQal launched the 2019 National Doctors’ Day campaign in November, giving South Africans the opportunity to honour their doctors with stories of how they’ve made a difference in their lives.

What is indemnity cover and why do doctors need it?

Johannesburg – A surprising number of GPs and specialists are unaware of the myriad ways in which they could fall victim to litigation, often believing this to be confined to

Subpoenas: All your common questions answered

What is a subpoena? A subpoena compels a witness to provide a court with information or documents on a specific date, time and location under a penalty for failure. Are

Five golden rules to reduce patient harm or risk

Johannesburg – Talk to any doctor who’s faced litigation from a patient or their family, following an adverse event, and they’ll tell you how emotionally exhausting the process is. Risk

Social media guidelines for healthcare professionals

Lives and industries are becoming increasingly digital, and healthcare is no exception. More healthcare professionals are using social media in their personal, as well as professional capacity.

Will NHI worsen SA’s medico-legal nightmare?

How a medical malpractice public/private partnership can reduce State’s medico-legal exposure and improve health care outcomes. With the draft NHI bill silent on an estimated R98 billion in state medico-legal

Do you know what to do and expect when you receive an HPCSA complaint?

The Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) is a statutory body that protects the public, determines standards of professional education and training, and sets and maintains standards of ethical


Volker von Widdern, Chief Executive Officer of EthiQal speaks to eNCA about the NHI and South Africa’s medico-legal crisis.

What is a summons and what do you do after being served?

A summons is a document issued by a court, which begins the litigation process. There are a variety of different summonses, the most common is a combined summons and it is used for medical malpractice claims.

Getting to grips with occurrence-based professional indemnity cover

South Africans are becoming increasingly aware of their rights when it comes to medical malpractice, explaining some of the increases in the number and size of claims against doctors.

Need medical professional indemnity cover?

Medical professional indemnity cover is designed to protect you where allegations of improper professional conduct are made against you in your capacity as a doctor.

Indemnity outfit boosts State surgical rescues

A local insurer of healthcare professionals, EthiQal, has donated R240 000 to Operation Healing Hands, OHH, a non-profit-organisation set up to relieve the overwhelming burden of surgery in the public sector.

The benefits of occurrence-based vs claims-made professional indemnity cover

It is essential that medical practioners understand the differences between the types of professional indemnity cover available and that they purchase cover that is best suited to their needs.

Better data vital to reduce SA’s medico-legal risk

It is essential that medical practioners understand the differences between the types of professional indemnity cover available and that they purchase cover that is best suited to their needs.

Healing the wounding effects of medical litigation

Johannesburg – Managing medical risk in South Africa’s runaway healthcare litigation environment is a multi-facetted and difficult endeavour, but one that must be tackled to avoid dire healthcare delivery consequences.

Cerebral palsy: Constantia Insurance and University of Pretoria join hands in caring

Medical academics, healthcare practitioners, lawyers,as well as representatives from government and Constantia Insurance gathered this month to apply their minds to averting the prospective collapse of maternal and child healthcare services.

National accolades for local medical indemnifier

EthiQal, a division of Constantia Insurance Company Limited, has won the Insurance and Re-insurance category award of the Institute of Risk Management, South Africa, (IRMSA), for its efforts to resolve the litigation crisis in healthcare in this country.