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Doctors spreading unfounded opinions about COVID-19: What are the implications?

Source: Med Brief Africa One of the big challenges in curbing the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide has been the polarisation of beliefs around key issues such as vaccines, treatments, the implementation

Step by step guide to follow if you receive a summons

A summons is a document issued by a court, which begins the litigation process. There are a variety of different summonses, however, the most common is a combined summons and

Do you know what to do when issued with a subpoena? Here is a step by step guide

What is a subpoena? A subpoena compels a witness to provide a court with information or documents on a specific date, time and location. Failure to do so can lead

Dr Bettina Taylor – Thesis

A retrospective, observational study of medicolegal cases against obstetricians and gynaecologists in South Africa’s private sector. Thesis by Dr B.Taylor


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EthiQal’s Informative webinar on POPIA as applicable to Health Professionals.

HPCSA & Ethical considerations of performing aesthetic treatments during Covid-19.

Dr Hlombe webinar – What to know about Medical Negligence

JP Ellis – How to manage misinformation

O&G during the SA COVID-19 Epidemic SASOG’s Updated Guidelines

EthiQal Webinar: The Medico-legal aspects of COVID-19 for Medical Practitioners

GMG/SASOG Private Practice Weekend 2019


Dr. Conrad Mashiloane, Q & A at the GMG/SASOG Private Practice Weekend 2019


Dr. Ron White Q & A at the GMG/SASOG Private Practice Weekend 2019


Dr. Heidra Dahms Q & A at the GMG/SASOG Private Practice Weekend 2019


Dr. Jack Margolis Q & A at the GMG/SASOG Private Practice Weekend 2019


1st GMG/SASOG Private Practice Weekend 2019

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