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Navigating a changing, uncertain healthcare environment: What are the issues?

For healthcare practitioners, the Covid-19 pandemic has created a totally different practice scenario with many doctors struggling to fulfil their primary professional obligations in a highly stressful, uncertain and constantly

Call to prioritise the well-being of healthcare workers

Johannesburg – A combination of heightened mobility across various provinces, an increase in super-spreader events, a new virus variant and a decrease in compliance with social-distancing protocols have contributed to the

Medical Professional Indemnity 101

What is medical professional indemnity? Medical professional indemnity, also known as medical malpractice insurance, provides legal and financial support to healthcare professionals where they have been negligent in their conduct

Informed consent explained

What is informed consent? Informed consent is a two-way dialogue between patient and their healthcare practitioner whereby the practitioner provides adequate information necessary to enable the patient to make an

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O&G during the SA COVID-19 Epidemic SASOG’s Updated Guidelines

EthiQal Webinar: The Medico-legal aspects of COVID-19 for Medical Practitioners

GMG/SASOG Private Practice Weekend 2019


Dr. Heidra Dahms Q & A at the GMG/SASOG Private Practice Weekend 2019


Dr. Conrad Mashiloane, Q & A at the GMG/SASOG Private Practice Weekend 2019


Dr. Ron White Q & A at the GMG/SASOG Private Practice Weekend 2019


Dr. Jack Margolis Q & A at the GMG/SASOG Private Practice Weekend 2019


1st GMG/SASOG Private Practice Weekend 2019

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