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Risk Management

EthiQal is partnering with leading providers in clinical and practice risk management

Proactive risk management is the cornerstone of Constantia’s interaction with Medical Practitioners and Practitioner Associations. This will include:

  • Identification of practice and clinical risks
  • Addressing identified risks
  • Monitoring and evaluating risk mitigation

Partnering in practice risk management

Peer supported risk management through education, templates and tools to limit potential exposure in the daily management of your practice, provided by us, to you.

Peer to Peer input

Collaboration with associations, forums and thought leaders to support best clinical risk decisions in your daily practice.


Tools, resources, newsletters, checklists are available to inform and support your decisions


CPD in the form of conferences, on line resources, seminars, and workshops.


Advisory committee input, general advice, clinical risk management, practice management,, peer to peer review and mentoring.