Careers at Ethiqal

Join the professional indemnity provider keeping our doctors in practice.


Why EthiQal?

EthiQal is proud to offer South Africa’s first home-grown, occurrence-based medical indemnity solution – the only real occurrence-based cover protected by South African laws and regulations.

At EthiQal, we care about the future of medical care in South Africa. We collaborate with healthcare practitioners, their professional societies, the legal profession and government representatives to bring stability to the medico-legal landscape and to secure the future of the medical profession, while preserving and building medical care in the country for everyone’s benefit.

Our vacancies

Whether you want to follow a career in medical indemnity or want to upskill and improve your expertise and earning potential, join our highly skilled and professional team committed to supporting medical professionals and effecting positive change in the healthcare system. Browse the latest career opportunities at EthiQal.