National Doctors’ Day

This is how we say ‘thank you’
It’s been a challenging year for the medical industry. That’s why we’re calling on all South Africans to celebrate our healthcare heroes, through the EthiQal Doctors’ Day 2021 initiative.

Doctors’ Day is a commemorative day established in November 2018, to acknowledge the value that doctors bring to our lives, and to thank them for it. More now than ever, these outstanding professionals play an increasingly difficult role in keeping national healthcare services afloat, while facing the biggest global healthcare crisis this generation has seen, over the last 18 months.

Because of our commitment to keeping doctors in practice, we understand what they face, every day:
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    The personal risks that they take, coming into contact with TB, COVID-19, HIV, and other illnesses, all while enduring the discomfort of personal protection wear for long shifts.


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    The frustration of managing imbalanced time and demands – increased administrative burdens, delayed surgeries due to COVID-19 complications and having to do more now than ever before.
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    The emotional trauma of seeing more patients suffer and increased fatalities on a daily basis, while confronting harder ethical decisions imposed by fuller hospital beds and waiting rooms.


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    The pressure of coordinating frustrated patients and families, those who feel disillusioned by COVID-19 protocols and those who can’t visit loved ones who are sick.
This is why we say ‘thank you’

They have shown up, beyond expectations, with courage, determination and compassion. They’ve continued to serve our general health needs while bearing the additional burden of helping to stop the coronavirus pandemic.

Say ‘thank you’ and win

R1 000

As the only South African provider of occurrence-based medical malpractice cover, EthiQal is calling on all South Africans to celebrate their healthcare heroes by submitting stories of how their doctors have made a difference in their lives and communities this year. Let your gratitude be the fuel that motivates them to keep on doing the extraordinary work of keeping us healthy.

We’ll select five winning stories, and each winner will receive a R1 000 cash prize! In addition, we will donate R10 000 to the Healthcare Workers Care Network (HWCN) – a nationwide healthcare worker support network that offers all healthcare workers across the public and private sectors free support, pro bono therapy, resources, training and psychoeducation.

Give your doctors the gratitude they deserve!