2021 Winning Stories

“We relocated to Centurion during 2019 and I had change from gynaecologist, I’ve been referred by a friend to Dr van As @ Unitas Hospital, which I have delayed for some time due to Covid-19. My overall experience meeting with her and sharing the news to me that I had to get a hysterectomy, which I wasn’t fully prepared for; as this year was already a very difficult year for me.”

“She was extremely professional with empathy and explained the entire procedure and it’s pros and cons upfront and made me feel at ease to make an informed decision.”

In hospital I was under a lot of pain, and she was still very caring and tried to lesson my pain and let me be as comfortable as possible. It’s been 8 weeks since my operation and I have healed well and feel good. She is my Health hero and very passionate about her profession.” Thumbs up to Dr van As – Vanessa Pitout, Gauteng

“I would like to thank doctor Diale for saving my father, it was last year during the first months of Covid 19 lot of doctors they were closing their doors for us because My father was very critical, but Doctor Diale helped my father during that horrible year.

He welcomed us to his surgery without doubt. I almost lost my father that year but because of Dr Diale I’m still with my father. He is such a good soul a godsend angel. I don’t know how I can thank him but I wish him all the best.” – Itumeleng, Northwest

“Over the years, Charlene has become my hero because she practices medicine differently than many: she brings humanity, humility, understanding and – dare I say it – love into her practice. She is graceful under pressure, never rushes anyone out of her rooms and never forgets to ask about those I love. She has helped me through so many trials and tribulations; and not just me: she has helped friends and family too. I have seen her incredible compassion with children, and her willingness to put herself in the firing line for her patients, even though getting Covid herself while caring for others. For me, a doctor hero is a special blend of technical skill and human understanding, as well as a willingness to truly listen. For these reasons, she is my hero.” – Julie Gentle, Gauteng

“Dr Gaibee is by far the best Paeds Specialist ever. My daughter is totally in love with her and cannot wait to go and see her again. She always asks about Dr Gaibee and she is only 3 years old. Dr Gaibee is a kind, gentle person with so much knowledge in her field of expertise. She however takes time to explain your child’s condition to you with so much detail and in a way that makes you feel that you are important as the parent and the patient. She also plays with so much care with her little patients. Shukran Dr Gaibee for being an amazing doctor and an even more exceptional human being. My daughter and I really appreciate you so much.” – Charnelle Smedam, Western Cape

“In 2016, my father was diagnosed with late-stage pancreatic cancer. Dr Devar was the gastroenterologist and surgeon that my dad was referred to. He was so kind to my dad but also very honest as it was going to be a risky operation. While he was operating the team realised that it was more complicated than they had expected but they continued with determination and managed to complete it – taking them hours more than they had planned. After this 11-hour operation, Dr Devar still made time to talk to my mom and ensure that she was okay and had support.

He continued to go and check on my dad in the hospital, even when he was no longer his patient.

He went above and beyond to take care of my dad which makes Dr Devar a hero for me.

My dad was able to be a part of my life for almost 5 years longer because of Dr Devar and the medical team. I am so grateful for all the medical staff that were involved and helped my dad and so so grateful to Dr Devar who led the team of staff.” – Cayden Barker, Gauteng