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Informed Consent Checklist
What is an HPCSA Complaint?
What is a Summons?
What is a Subpoena?
What is a Request for Records?
POPIA Checklist

HPCSA Ethical and Good Practice Guidelines

HPCSA – Booklet 1: General Ethical Guidelines for Health Care Professions
HPCSA – Booklet 2: Ethical and Professional Rules of the Health Professions of South Africa
HPCSA – Booklet 3: National Patients’ Rights Charter
HPCSA – Booklet 4: Seeking Patients ‘Informed Consent: The Ethical Considerations
HPCSA – Booklet 5: Confidentiality: Protecting and Providing Information
HPCSA – Booklet 6: Guidelines for the Management of Patients with HIV Infections or AIDS
HPCSA – Booklet 7: Guidelines Withholding and Withdrawing Treatment
HPCSA – Booklet 8: Guidelines on Reproductive Health Management
HPCSA – Booklet 9: Guidelines on Patient Records
HPCSA – Booklet 10: Guidelines for the Practice of Telehealth
HPCSA – Booklet 11: Guidelines on Over Servicing, Perverse Incentives and Related Matters
HPCSA – Booklet 12: Guidelines for the Management of Health Care Waste
HPCSA – Booklet 13: General Ethical Guidelines for Health Researchers
HPCSA – Booklet 14: Ethical Guidelines for Biotechnology Research in South Africa
HPCSA – Booklet 15: Research, Development and the Use of the Chemical, Biological and Nuclear Weapons
HPCSA – Booklet 16: Ethical Guidelines on Social Media


The Children’s Act
Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act
Health Professions Act – 1974
National Health Insurance bill (B 11-2019)
The National Health Act

Case Studies

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CASTELL v DE GREEF 1994 (4) SA 408 (C)
Life Healthcare v JMS, NO (Blood Transfusion Case)

Research and Opinion

SAMJ July 2021 Original Research – Medicolegal cases against obstetricians and gynaecologists in South Africa’s private sector
SAMJ March2018 Guest Editorial – Medicolegal crisis