Decoding the Lifeline: The Crucial Role of Policy Wording in South African Professional Medical Indemnity

In the ever evolving world of South African healthcare, medical professionals shoulder the immense responsibility of delivering quality care while safeguarding their professional integrity and financial stability.

Steadfast Commitment

In this newsletter, we aim to highlight some of our ongoing efforts to offer steadfast, comprehensive, reliable and trustworthy support to our doctors.

Doctors Day – Gift of the givers

In support of the invaluable humanitarian aid provided by Gift of the Givers during times of crisis, which includes selfless acts of kindness by volunteer medical practitioners, EthiQal recently made a donation to support the work of the Foundation.

Dr. Chatbot: To trust or not to trust.

Humanity has never had as much access to information as we do today. But does this access lead to more knowledge and better healthcare? This is an important question to ask as we enter a new AI-augmented information age, writes Alex Brownlee, CEO of EthiQal and healthcare actuary.

Solutions to Common Medico-Legal Issues Faced by Plastic Surgeons in Daily Practice

Dr Hlombe Makuluma, EthiQal’s Medico Legal advisor, joined the panel discussion at the recent ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) Course.

Dr. Bettina Taylor – SASUOG 2023 ‘Bringing us together’

Under the banner of ‘Bringing us together’, SASUOG recently hosted its annual conference where Dr Bettina Taylor was invited to speak about EthiQal’s claims experience relating to obstetric and gynaecological ultrasound examination.

Dr. Bettina Taylor – PMG Academic Meeting 2023

Dr Bettina Taylor presented at the recent PMG Academic Meeting where she discussed medical malpractice insurance in depth.

Understanding Informed Consent

A signature on a consent form without a balanced discussion does not constitute informed consent. So, how do you obtain proper informed consent? We break down the steps to help you understand the basics.

South African medical-legal reform: Modernising the system or a knee-jerk reaction?

South Africa’s medico-legal problems are well documented. Our healthcare system is vulnerable with many healthcare workers working under stressful conditions, not to mention the uncertainty in relation to the implementation

Terminating a doctor – patient relationship

Sometimes it may be appropriate to stop being someone’s doctor. When you decide to end the relationship with your patient, it is often perceived in a negative way by the